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SUN Suite

SUN Suite is a collection of business and financial apps designed to help you set realistic goals, monitor business progress, and enhance your audience engagement.

From structure to financial planning, SUN Suite apps help you plan a successful, sustainable business. Discover how to connect with your audience and promote real business growth. Available as a Suite or download individual apps.


SUN Business Valuator

Use the new SUN Business Valuator app to calculate Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Terminal Value and more! Essential data for determining the value of a business to sell it or to secure financing from banks or other financial institutions.

Click on the image to watch an overview video of the business evaluator app or request a virtual demo below:

SUN CFO Pro helps you make informed business decisions based on clear financial data:

  • Monthly and annual revenue projection
  • Helpful graphs and charts for data review
  • Exports to Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets

SUN Program Planner
Real-time analytics for planning sustainable programs, offering:

  • Labor Cost Control
  • Inventory and Supply Management
  • Collaboration with Team Members

SUN Talks
Practical insights and business advice from industry experts:

  • SUN Talks Videos
  • Interactive Learning Guides
  • Podcasts
  • and more!


SUN Books
A library of multimedia textbooks designed to facilitate learning with everything all in one place:

  • text
  • images
  • videos
  • audio
  • interactive elements
SUN Suite

Business planning in the palm of your hand.


SUN Business Simulation Game

$795 (tax/shipping added at checkout)
The StartingUp Now Business Simulation Game teaches business principles in a high-energy, action-packed format that's fun for youth and adults. Perfect for classrooms, board rooms, and community organizations.

From product manufacturing to selling in the marketplace, participants learn valuable business operations and leadership principles applicable to real life. Buy raw materials to create products, secure capital, allocate funds, plan budgets, marketing campaigns, and more!


Know More Nonprofits

Should you launch a for-profit or nonprofit organization to accomplish your goals? Know More Nonprofits: Moving FromDependency to Sustainability is a personal commentary and solution-based treatise written by L. Brian Jenkins exploring the history of the nonprofit industry and its impact in Black and Brown communities.

Get impactful solutions to successfully navigate the funding landscape and gain insight into cultural, racial, and historical barriers African-American and Latinx nonprofit leaders typically face to secure funding. Discover how to stay focused on your mission and plan sustainable programs that attract investors.

24 Steps Transparent

24 Steps

StartingUp Now: 24 Steps to Launch Your Own Business is a practical guide through the business planning process. Complete the 24 steps and you have your business plan!

Each StartingUp Key leads entrepreneurs through a memorable abbreviation, informative definition, useful examples, and constructive prompts in a journal-style format that ultimately provides users with the opportunity to formulate their business plan.


Facilitator Guide

StartingUp Now: Facilitator Guide teaches instructors how to use StartingUp Now as a business planning resource for startups, first and secondary school systems, colleges, prisons, churches and community organizations.

With curriculum-based standards set by the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education, this teacher's edition utilizes these standards as a way to define the processes, traits, and behaviors associated with entrepreneurial success. Includes reference listing to help monitor your student's progress.

Workcard FA_Lg

SUN Work Cards

The StartingUp Now Work Cards are visual classroom aids used alone or in conjunction with SUN 24 Steps to deliver a more in-depth look at each key used to build a strong and sustainable business.

SUN Work Cards are the perfect tool for any educator looking to encourage classroom participation and create team-building mindsets, using the SUN 24-steps outlined in individual visual cards. Center the conversations on each key to reveal how each element contributes to good business practices and strong business foundations.

StartingUp Now

Your business is our business.