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L. Brian Jenkins, MA - Friday, January 26, 2018

IDEAS:  How is the idea for your business or ministry startup rooted in people?
Elizabeth Hartwig commented on 29-Jan-2018 11:47 AM
Equip. Empower. Enrich.
The idea for my business startup is rooted in people because it is for people that I have interacted with across the globe and seen firsthand what needs there are within leadership and staff of nonprofit organizations. The more organizations I worked with, the more I saw that leader after leader was struggling with burn out, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma. The lack of resources and trainings to keep this from occurring have been basically non-existent, and because of this organizations are not healthy and thriving. There are very few conferences that offer trainings, and when they do occur it's to learn how to better care for your residents or how to better run your organization. They are barely hanging on, losing sight of the vision they started with and they end up harming others. Burnt out staff and leaders cannot serve well, but equipped people are the ones to carry on the legacy. So, this business/ministry startup is meant to equip, empower and enrich the lives of those that serve in non-profit work so that they can remain focused on the people they are called to serve. This would be through resources, aid, trainings and support during their time as leaders, staff and volunteers. Thus, my startup is rooted in people to equip them to remain focused on their hearts for people.
Crystal Hopson commented on 29-Jan-2018 07:02 PM
People are indeed deeply rooted as we develop a plan for business accompanied by the presence of our ministry beliefs. Currently the idea surrounds itself on the concept that people matter and are a significant part of its function and future.
Furthermore, it is our desire to create a working environment where human interaction will be its core responsibility. Within the realm of business, every encounter will be rooted in sharing some form of communication, physical exchange, with the hope of sharing kindness and respect.
Surely, our faith and love of Christ will shape our professional conduct towards creating opportunities, caring for others, building sustainable relationships, as well as exercising faith while being the change agent within the marketplace.
Meanwhile, it will be our goal to impact our field and community with opportunities for technical graduates to begin work at our salon, create a training environment to nourish the human soul. Socially we would prefer to obtain faithful customers, vendors and employees. Also, within the financial outlook of the business it will be our mission to utilize state of the art equipment as well as reach profit margins. Once the company has established itself, it will be able to pursue ideas and solutions within its capacity.
Overall, the concept of building them up and sending them out will serve as a professional option for our clients. For example, once a nail technician builds his/her clientele and skill set, they may extend their services for personal home visits for the elderly or disabled clients. Also, we may include complimentary visits to nursing homes as our way of “giving back” to our senior citizens.
Anonymous commented on 30-Jan-2018 02:47 AM
I think the idea for my business startup rooted in people in three ways: 1) There seem to be a considerable number of people who like to listen to jazz performance among Christians, but many of them might hesitate to visit jazz clubs because such venues are generally filled with the fallen culture and considerably corrupted (drinking, cruising, drugs, fighting, etc.). My wife does not want to visit my gig for this very reason, and many of my Christian friends have the same concern. The Christian jazz lovers of today might just give up listening live jazz and find some other amusement or compromise their faith and just visit corrupted venues and listen to the secular jazz. 2) There seem to be a certain number of jazz musicians who have faith in Christ, and some of them might want to avoid performing at the corrupted jazz venues, but in fact, they have the choices of performing only on rare occasions in acceptable environment or compromising their faith to go “half-way” (They perform at corrupted places describing themselves as the Christians who are not so much devout). I met several jazz musicians who believe in Christ but going “half-way” with some sense of guilt. I believe they want to avoid corrupted venues if possible, but in fact, if they avoid such places, they would go out of business. 3) There currently seems to be no such thing as “Christian Jazz Scene,” but many people would be happy if it is established.
Anonymous commented on 30-Jan-2018 10:59 AM
Anti-café values are rooted in people; the poor, oppressed, and convicted. Anti-café nourishes the roots of its business in people by providing a space that is centered around the values of caring, creativity, and justice. These three values are processed by the community in their context to allow for maxim effectiveness in change for the individuals and community. Anti-café ask these questions: what space is missing that is needed to create better ‘health’ in the community and environment, how do we create space for local artist to produce and show masterpieces, and what space needs to be designed to reconcile the injustice that exist in the community and globally? These three questions, answered by community members, are what create Anti-café and its space. Anti-café strongly believes that space that answers these three questions lead to individual and community growth in environmentalism, health, creative growth, economic prosperity, and justice. Thus lending the opportunity for Anti-café to share gospel conversations in her interactions with customers, employees, and community. The concepts of the space are entirely created by the people that will use the space. In this way the space serves practical needs thus enabling the business to continue operation. Create space rooted in people and you root yourself to a community that can experience change (like the ones described above) through space that they created.
Anonymous commented on 30-Jan-2018 05:04 PM
My ministry idea is rooted in people in that it addresses the need of modeled love in the church, which is the light of the world. People need to know that fairy tales are real. They need to know that what is considered fiction is truly non-fiction. By this, I mean that everyone has heard of the misused and abused word "love" and have their own definition of it. Love is real to most but not the love that Christ offers. This is the love that zealously and passionately pursues others to connect and live united, despite the most heinous wrongs done. I am not referencing a love that overlooks or ignores wrongs, but a love that enters into the darkness and still shines. That is why Jesus said to His disciples, "The world will know you are My disciples by the way you love one another." This ministry idea will embody this truth. As United Kingdom Church adopts other churches of various denominations and grows, it will buy and/or start businesses of various sizes. The rootedness in people is in the design, the implementation and fulfilling of this idea. UKC churches in various communities and of various denominations and eventually UKC businesses will gather often for community events. My hope is that we can even have television programs and as much publicity as possible in the good and bad. There will be moments of triumph and shame but it is through this public living out and how we respond that the world will see that such a love for one another is real. In other words, the best way to be rooted in people is to be rooted in Christ and show His love to one another.
Anonymous commented on 30-Jan-2018 06:00 PM
How is the idea for your business or ministry startup rooted in people?

The idea of introducing a cosmetic salon concept that revolutionizes the average hair salon on your neighborhood corner is deeply rooted in people because it will afford the hair professional with new opportunities, and deliver a high-quality experience to the consumer. The purpose of the company is to elevate the industry standard of the salon and spa experience and provide today's client with a streamlined and consistent experience,to alleviate the guesswork of the quality of service they will receive. My company is rooted in people-development because provides stylists with cutting edge training from the top international stylists. Our stylists perform at an elite level because they receive top training not only pertaining to cosmetic and aesthetic technique, but also to professional development, and financial management. For example, our salon professional will have the option to invest a portion of every client service fee into a 401K with matching and other benefit perks. All too often, one encounters stylists who make over 100,000 a year but are not investing their earnings in their future. Also, they have access to the highest-quality international hair-care brands, thereby delivering their clients the industry's most superior service through offering highly coveted products. For a monthly fee, their products and equipment are automatically delivered to them. Included in fee is access to a centrally located salon with the best resources, cutting-edge facilities that offer highly-coveted equipment and products used primarily in Hollywood. Our model takes a "very-good" cosmetologist or aesthetician and transforms them into an "industry best," opening opportunities for them to go and style anywhere in the world. This kind of experience also takes away the stress of the consumer from having to wonder if they will have a positive salon experience.
Anonymous commented on 30-Jan-2018 06:03 PM
My ministry project is called Gospel Enterprise Ministries (GEM). GEM's big idea is to provide ministries with self-sustaining ministry ideas through local ministry-based businesses instead of relying on donor aid all the times. This idea is rooted in people through my direct involvement in practical ministry with the ministers. I aim at providing financial, theological, and business opportunities to targeted ministries. My practical involvement in ministry has helped shape our biblical and practical resolutions to realistic ministry challenges in Malawi.

Lord willing, my ideas to build ministry based real estate business will come true. I will engage ministers by constructing a free Theological Training Center. This is a practical way to solve the problem of lack of trained ministers. Hence, GEM's ideas will be rooted in the ministers through theological training in sound Orthodox theology to combat the falsehood of "prosperity gospel."

GEM will have a financial starter pack for selected ministries in Malawi. This support will be meant only for operation of viable ministry-based businesses. Again, being practical, the ministries will be responsible for sustainable operation of the businesses with financial management expertise from GEM.

Therefore, contextualized ministry operations are always my best way to root GEM's ideas in people. Ministry contextualization is a process that involves the people at best. GEM will have some core ideas but implementation will be a mixture of ideas. So, GEM will provide opportunities that will open doors to engage people into implementing what works for them in their contexts.

Anonymous commented on 28-Feb-2018 12:46 PM
How is the idea for your business or ministry startup rooted in people?
People are at the very heart of my restaurant & school. The basis for both is two-fold. The entire idea was created because of a need that people--refugees--have. Very few refugees have job opportunities waiting for them in Europe after they leave the camps that they have been living in. They need someone to believe in them and give them a space to be professionally trained and professionally treated. They will have the opportunity to work in an environment that most would not have the ability to even think about entering--due to the fact that many of them left all of their professional resources back home and have no way of getting a solid job in any professional industry.
The second aspect of this idea is a restaurant. Any restaurant done right should have people at the center of their focus. Like Vicki Kim mentioned in her video about the two restaurants she opened, the real question should be "did the customers have a good time? did they enjoy themselves" and not be too deeply invested in things like the quality of the food, the atmosphere, and other things. The only time you should be overly sensitive to the things mentioned above are when they are affecting the mood and enjoyment of the guests.
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