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Pritzker Jewelry & Entrepreneurship Program

- Monday, June 09, 2014
Pritzker Elementary School student, Monifa W. proves that you are never too young to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. Monifa was enrolled in the StartingUp Now Arts and Entrepreneurship class on jewelry design this school year and her talents immediately began to shine through. The class taught the students the principles of entrepreneurship along with the skill of jewelry making to ultimately create a profitable business.

Monifa showed talent in both entrepreneurship as well as the jewelry design side. She took the class very seriously by coming to class prepared and making the sales events a priority. With her dedication, she made the effort to work on projects outside of class. She was the first to arrive and last to leave at jewelry sale events. From her work in the class, she created quality product to sell and became good at pricing product appropriately. But what ultimately helped her close over $300 in sales was her personality. A lot of her sales were related to her personality and networking skills— Her personality drew in a lot of customers.

Monifa’s personality also made a lasting impression on her instructor Randi Craigen as well. Randi plans to stay in touch with Monifa over the summer to continue to build a relationship with her to be a support and mentor in her life, continuing to teach her skills and helping to cultivate her interest in design.

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