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Creating A Superior Customer Experience

L. Brian Jenkins, MA - Friday, April 04, 2014

S3-- Superior Experience + Superior Service = Sells More

Have you encountered the proverbial “experience from hell” when a purchasing a product or service? Have you dealt with the employee of an establishment who can care less that you are standing there? You are seeking to exchange your hard earned cash only to be treated by an employee as if you’re disrupting their life. In fact, these types of challenges only increase as employees are asked to do more often with less resources. An awesome experience can lead to a lifetime loyalty from your customer base. As your business grows, it is necessary to review your customer service policy and ensure it is being followed or create a policy if one does not exist.






ABT Inc., located in Glenview, IL a Chicago suburb, is a family owned and operated business established in 1936. ABT annually earns national awards and recognition as one of the best independently operated businesses[1]. ABT has provided excellent customer service to my family over the last 35-years. As a child I was introduced to ABT by my family through a long standing relationship with the owners and an outstanding salesman, Mr. Shelly Cohen, who worked at ABT for more than 30 years! Shelly’s integrity, excellent knowledge of products, unparalled attention to our needs, and solution based mentality to solve problems has created multi-generational loyalty in our family. ABT’s focus on the customer is clear in their policy, “The Answer is always ‘Yes’ to any reasonable request”.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners know that the customer is the lifeblood of our startup. Based on my experience as a small business here are a few simple tips that can help increase the experience of your customers:

  1. Create a Superior Experience—make the customer say “WOW”! Exceed their expectations. Whatever industry you’re in there’s always a way to improve the experience. What is it that makes the experience of your business unique from all others in your industry? How have you earned repeat customers? Can that experience be replicated/expanded to ensure each customer receives that same level of excellence?

  2. Provide a Superior Service—The service you provide should match their experience when purchasing your product/service. Are you listening to the customer identify their needs? Do you have the requisite experience and product knowledge to meet the customer’s need? What is your plan for follow up with the customer? How do you connect with the customer beyond the initial sale? Strategically processing each step ensures the service you provide matches the experience for total customer satisfaction.

  3. Leads to Selling More—Establish customer loyalty. Let’s face it…in today’s modern world a customer has multiple options to purchase the same or similar product. Whether it’s a traditional brick and mortar retail store, a company’s web site, or a wholesale warehouse, the customer has many choices—which is a good thing. However, if you create an experience that exceeds the customers’ expectations you have earned a loyal customer—sometimes for life. Increased sales often comes from repeat buyers who also refer their friends, colleagues, family and others in their network. Word of Mouth advertising is still the most trusted form of advertising for businesses and often leads to increased revenue.

[1] “America’s Best Independent Retail Stores”, Bloomberg Business Week, June 19, 2009

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